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Since 2007, Weber Air & Heat Technologies, Inc. has been providing high quality installation, service, and repair of commercial and residential air conditioning systems and commercial refrigeration. We understand that maintaining our high quality is of the utmost importance. So, our technicians attend continuing education classes and trainings.  

Did you know that your heating or cooling system can add up to at least half of your total utility bill? 

Here is a check list that can help you save money on your utility bill.


  • Schedule regular preventive maintenance – we recommend twice a year.

  • Clear bushes and other plantings that crowd your air conditioning unit.

  • Invest in a programmable thermostat—set your HVAC to run higher in the morning, less at night.  We can suggest and install the thermostat that works best for your system.  Remember that thermostats sold at big-box stores may not work with your system. 

  • Close blinds during summer, open them during winter—natural sunlight affects interior temperatures.

  • Change your filter monthly to maximize your HVAC system’s efficiency


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 Call today for a FREE estimate on your next HVAC service replacement. Ask about our Annual Maintenance Contract that entitles you to 2 services per year and discounts on repairs during the contract year. You receive a free one-year Annual Maintenance Contract with any new installation. Our certified technicians are available at 386-441-0903 or 386-615-6840.